Transemble is a 'Any database, Any format' integration tool developed by ObjectOrb. Transemble's relevance and applicability is vast and varies with respect to industry domain and systems that are to be integrated. As an emerging player in the healthcare vertical, ObjectOrb has successfully demonstrated applicability and benefits of Transemble in the healthcare industry.

Transemble integrates hospitals with different payers, clearinghouses and administrators, enabling them to submit claims efficiently. It is a cost effective replacement of legacy applications used by hospitals. It is designed for effortless installation, everyday operation, administration and maintenance.

If you are facing challenges like tedious, error-prone, slow manual claims submission, lack of claims tracking and history, longer time for claims reimbursement, or lack of claims status reports, then Transemble's features enables you to overcome such challenges.


  • Validation of data for completeness and correctness.
  • Construction and submission of claims to clearinghouse/payer.
  • Processing of responses from clearinghouse/portal
  • Notification to the Administrator about errors in claim, if any.
  • Resubmission of failed claims.
  • Traceability of all claim rejections, resubmissions and approval status
  • Reports for trend analysis
  • Coded values to match any naming conventions
  • Configurable scheduler
  • Search capabilities
  • Interface with HIS systems that uses any popular RDBMS systems
  • Web-based, platform independent, multi-user system
  • Supports multiple data sources