FCG is a leading provider of consulting, technology, blended-shore sourcing, and applied research services for healthcare and other organizations throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. FCGs Healthcare group, FCG Health, serves healthcare providers, health plans and life sciences organizations. Its Technology group, FCG Tech, services independent software vendors in healthcare and in multiple other industries. Founded in 1980, FCG has compiled a strong track record of client service and satisfaction and has grown to a firm with more than 2,500 associates.

FCG will be ObjectOrb's partner for eprovionTM product marketing, sales, implementation and support in the US market. eprovionTM is a contract management software for the healthcare industry. FCG offers various products to the US market and eprovionTM will be part of their FirstSuite offering.

Project Balance is a technology consulting company that matches highly talented project managers and software developers with enterprises looking to successfully implement and maintain software solutions at low costs. Project Balance specializes in managing global development resources, across remote locations, multiple time zones and cultural divides. Our expertise in requirements gathering, project process, resource organization and communications management ensures the success of our projects.

Project Balance is ObjectOrb's sales, implementation and support partner in the U.S. for eprovion- Contract Management software.

Waseel is an Internet based "business-to-business" portal, operated on the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, providing information technology solutions to the Saudi Healthcare Insurance Industry.

Waseel is the 1st medical insurance services ASP (Application Service Provider) serving the Saudi Medical insurance market and the Arabian Gulf Region.

Waseel is ObjectOrb's partner in Saudi Arabia for Transemble- an integration tool that enables hospitals submit claims electronically to Waseel ASP.