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A leading provider of enterprise level member management solutions in the U.S.

Customer Profile

Our customer is a leading provider of enterprise level websites that enable professional or trade associations to better manage and control all aspects of their association including: staff efficiency, member data, communications, and networking.

Project Details

DB Porting:
The member management application uses MySQL database. Our customer wanted to migrate the database to MSSQL. The scope included Schema Migration, Selective Data Migration, Changes in ColdFusion and C# code and Scenario based Testing. For porting ColdFusion code from MySQL to MS SQL, more than 80% of the conversion was automated using Perl scripts.

Accounts Receivable Module:
ObjectOrb has developed the Accounts Receivable module of a member management application. ObjectOrb authored the specification of the Accounts Receivables module. The current scope includes Analysis, Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Delivery.

Buyer's Guide Module:
ObjectOrb developed the Buyer’s Guide module of a member management application. We used rapid application development methodology in this project. This application was built on ColdFusion technology.