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ObjectOrb offers a health insurance portal under the brand " IndiaVima". IndiaVima leverages ObjectOrb's track record of developing commercial grade products and years of experience in working with world class customers, delivering best practices in health insurance domain.

IndiaVima provides superior customer service at lower cost and streamlines the entire enrolment process for health insurance companies, TPAs and employers. IndiaVima will mainly address the employee enrolment issues related to Group health insurance policies purchased by employers for their employees. Apart from beneficiary information processing, India Vima also enables Policy Issuing Offices to submit proposals online to the employers. TPAs can improve customer service by using innovative features like beneficiary search and enrolment card processing that reduces the card processing time

Feature Summary

Stakeholder Features

Insurance Companies
  • Online Policy Submission
  • Comprehensive beneficiary search. If a patient is member of a group policy from a certain insurance company, the insurance company can search for the patient to confirm eligibility, while displaying all the relevant details of the policy information.
  • Online statistical view of Age Distribution of the employees and their dependents to help with the premium calculation.
  • Online faxing of the invoice to the employers, where the premium is already provided based on the addition or deletion of enrollees
  • Member enrolment
  • Endorsement of policy, additions and deletions
  • Premium calculation
  • Online transfer of updated enrolment data from Insurance companies
  • Generate cards, which capture all the necessary information needed to do a pre-authorization.
  • Request for proposals online
  • Compare different proposals
  • Send information on addition/deletion online to insurance companies
  • Comprehensive beneficiary search
  • View premium breakdown structure for each employee

Benefit Summary

Stakeholder Features

Insurance Companies
  • The feature of online policy sales is an additional channel for Insurance companies to push policy sales
  • Reduces operating expenditure since data is available in the electronic format
  • Reduces the card waiting period for employers resulting in better customer satisfaction
  • Accurate premium calculation with online statistical view of Age Distribution of the employees as well as their dependents
  • Real time deletion of employees as well as their dependents - Helps in identifying ex-employees not eligible for insurance claims.
  • Eliminate manual errors in data entry and card processing
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Better and faster customer service
  • Re-entering of enrollment information not required
  • Can re-issue cards easily in the situation of a card loss using Beneficiary search
  • Specify the requirements accurately
  • Product configuration template enables employers/brokers to define their policy needs accurately in a standardized manner.
  • Compare different proposals and choose the best fit for the organization
  • Simplified procedure for addition of new employees as well as deletion of ex-employees - More accurate premium calculation