eprovion is a modern provider management system designed for payers, that automates contract workflows for various provider types. The system integrates tightly with claims systems to enable accurate contract loading and makes available claims-based provider profiles.

Later versions of eprovion will include such features as claims issue tracking, business intelligence, and disease management. The system is web-based and enterprise-class i.e. it is scalable, secure, robust, and offers high availability, and high performance.

Provider Contracting

eprovion supports the entire lifecycle of contract management - from preparing for a negotiation using provider profiles, to planning a negotiation calendar, to monitoring the contract during its lifetime and finally the renewal or termination of the contract. All of this is supported in one easy-to-use environment with powerful MS-Office integration. Contract templates can be created for reuse, and contracts can be annotated, versioned and batchprocessed.

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