A learning organization can adopt different learning strategies for increasing the value of intellectual capital. It could be Self-learning, On-The-Job training or Formal training.

ObjectOrb offers formal training on CORBA, OOAD/UML, Design Patterns, Requirements Management, J2EE, HL7 and UNIX.

Apart from the quality of delivery and experience of the trainer, the key differentiator is that we teach from practice. All our trainers have hands-on experience in all the life-cycle phases of software development. They have excellent project management skills in addition to technology skills. They continuously climb higher on the learning curve and are in touch with the latest in technology.

A few of our trainers have worked on creating some of the technologies that have led to today's 'Enterprise Web'. They have invented technologies that are now patented and is known in the international technical community.

At ObjectOrb, we have developed good facilities to support our training programs. Whereas we prefer to conduct programs at our facility, we can also conduct training at customer facilities.

For more details, email us at Trg@<Delete This>objectorb.com