Solution to a leading public sector Insurance Company for their channel business of health products. - A Case Study

The Insurance Company offers an exclusive health insurance product for credit card holders of its associated Bank. Bank’s card holder can purchase an insurance policy for his/her family’s health cover, accident cover & household items cover. <Read More> Download PDF

Claim Analytics, the success key to health insurance business. - A Case Study

Understanding risk covered and risk exposure is essential in the Health insurance portfolio. Such understanding and insight can be achieved only by critical analysis of claims. <Read More> Download PDF

Risk-based Underwriting of Group Health Insurance Policies - A Case Study

Group mediclaim policies are usually loss making, in India. First, the premium collected at the time of underwriting does not accurately reflect the risk covered and secondly the quality of claims information is not good enough to assess the risk. <Read More> Download PDF

Collaboration in Group Health Insurance - A Case Study

There are two main transactions for which collaboration is needed between the different entities in health insurance. The first is enrolment and the second is claims settlement and reporting. <Read More> Download PDF

Online Doctor Visit - A Case Study

A healthcare company wanted to enable patients to consult with their physicians online. While this feature would not replace the traditional office visit, it would allow patients with non-emergency needs to receive medical advice from their physicians. <Read More>

Migration of mails stored in iPlanet Messaging server to Oracle AQ - A Case Study

A healthcare portal wanted the mails stored in iPlanet messaging server to be migrated to Oracle Advanced Queuing facility. This business decision involved converting mails that were stored in HTML format to XML format. Mail functionalities like send, receive, sort, delete, clear mails from "trash" folder, CC and BCC, and move mails between folders had to be modeled on top of Oracle AQ. Migration of data had to be 100% reliable with minimal production downtime. <Read More>

Integration with MyDocOnline Connect - A Case Study

A member of HL7 Organization, we have successfully integrated different healthcare applications and understand the challenges involved. We are proficient in industry standards like HIPAA and HL7. <Read More>